Franklin Parish Churches

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Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ 321120N 0914506W
Apostolic Tabernacle 320911N 0914922W
Assembly of God Church (historical) 320000N 0914018W
Augusta Baptist Church 320910N 0913614W
Baskin Chapel 321912N 0914433W
Bayou Macon Baptist Church 320540N 0913601W
Bell Union Church 321355N 0914057W
Bellview Church 321939N 0913142W
Bethel Christian Center 320446N 0913702W
Bethel Church 321633N 0914150W
Boeuf Prairie Methodist Church 320345N 0914923W
Boeuf River Baptist Church 320806N 0915041W
Boles Chapel 320224N 0914441W
Central Church 315746N 0914157W
Chase Church 320513N 0914151W
Chase Church 320458N 0914053W
Church of Christ (historical) 321451N 0913918W
Church of God (historical) 320614N 0913608W
Coax Church 321349N 0914323W
Crocketts Point Baptist Church 321454N 0913336W
Crowville Methodist Church 321423N 0913522W
Cuba Baptist Church 320631N 0913607W
Eureka Baptist Church 320045N 0913518W
Faith Tabernacle 321309N 0914041W
First Baptist Church 320945N 0914302W
First Baptist Church of Crowville 321425N 0913518W
First Church of the Nazarene 321026N 0914338W
First United Methodist Church 320951N 0914257W
First Zion Baptist Church 320926N 0914310W
Fish Bayou Church 321113N 0913258W
Fort Necessity Baptist Church 320237N 0914905W
Freedom Bible Church 321242N 0914055W
French Turn Church 321357N 0913108W
Friendship Church 321730N 0913154W
Friendship Church 322123N 0914047W
Harmony Baptist Church 322332N 0913306W
Hill Ridge Church 321717N 0913718W
Jesus Name Church 321204N 0913427W
Jesus Name Home Mission Church 320924N 0914309W
Jigger Apostolic Church 320205N 0914441W
Jigger Church 320131N 0914458W
King Church 315549N 0914522W
Kingdom Hall 321059N 0914451W
Lamar Church 321912N 0913234W
Liddieville Free Methodist Church 320818N 0915042W
Locust Hill Baptist Church 315715N 0914807W
Lone Cedar Baptist Church 321219N 0914558W
Lone Pine Baptist Church 321143N 0913413W
Magnolia Church 320956N 0913618W
Mason Ridge Church 320412N 0915314W
Mixon Church 322257N 0913743W
Morning Pilgrim Church 320545N 0914720W
Mount Olive Church 320517N 0913850W
Mount Pleasant Church 322001N 0913321W
Mount Zion Church 320915N 0915010W
New Alpha and Omega Church 315827N 0914011W
New Hope Church 321039N 0914935W
New Light Church 315824N 0914021W
New Lillie Church 321232N 0913721W
New Zion Baptist Church 320731N 0914633W
North Central Church 322058N 0913310W
Oak Grove Baptist Church 320622N 0914520W
Oakley Church 320139N 0913812W
Old Macedonia Church 320413N 0913741W
Pentecostal Church 315856N 0913403W
Pine Prairie Church 320503N 0914921W
Pleasant Green Church 321756N 0913714W
Pleasant Hall Baptist Church 321818N 0913934W
Pleasant Star Church 320421N 0915159W
Pleasant Star Church 320634N 0914704W
Rosenwald Church 320341N 0915050W
Saint John Baptist Church 320931N 0914344W
Saint Luke Church 321108N 0913613W
Saint Mark Church 320046N 0913850W
Saint Marys Catholic Church 320939N 0914257W
Saint Patricks Church 320251N 0914852W
Saint Paul Church 320106N 0914856W
Saint Paul Church Number 2 315947N 0913823W
Saint Peter's Church 315430N 0914437W
Sardis Church 320926N 0914645W
Second Baptist Church 321002N 0914332W
Shady Grove Baptist Church 315947N 0914529W
Shiloh Baptist Church 320941N 0914350W
Sweet Home Church 320644N 0913929W
Taylor Bayou Church 321451N 0913913W
Temple Baptist Church 321002N 0914350W
True Light Baptist Church 320958N 0914340W
True Light Church 320954N 0914226W
Turkey Bluff Church 321111N 0913236W
Turkey Creek Baptist Church 320204N 0914316W
Union Church 322205N 0914001W
Union Church 321910N 0914232W
Union Grove Church 320526N 0914315W
Union Valley Church 321901N 0914124W
Union Valley Church 322316N 0913220W
Waverly Church 321807N 0913251W
Wayside Church 320911N 0913915W
Winnsboro Assembly of God Church 321009N 0914406W
Winnsboro Pentecostal Church 320913N 0914220W