Ascension Parish, Louisiana Schools

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Ascension Catholic Elementary School 300612N 0905906W
Ascension Catholic High School 300607N 0905905W
Ascension Christian Academy (historical) 301651N 0905355W
Ascension College 301419N 0905505W
Bayou LaFourche Academy 300553N 0910128W
Central Elementary School 301617N 0905419W
Donaldsonville High School 300555N 0910005W
Donaldsonville Marine Institute School 300537N 0905931W
Donaldsonville Primary School 300528N 0905829W
Duplessis Primary School 301608N 0905817W
Dutch Town School (historical) 301320N 0910015W
Dutchtown High School 301535N 0905926W
Dutchtown Middle School 301526N 0905918W
Dutchtown Primary School 301522N 0905918W
East Ascension High School 301336N 0905455W
Elsie School (historical) 301102N 0910136W
Faith Academy School 301308N 0905331W
G. W. Carver Primary School 301443N 0905532W
Galvez Middle School 301852N 0905414W
Galvez Primary School 301809N 0905312W
Gonzales Middle School 301309N 0905610W
Gonzales Primary School 301412N 0905516W
Gonzales School 301414N 0905518W
Lake Elementary School 301629N 0905218W
Le Chateau Des Jeunes 301518N 0905332W
Little Zion School (historical) 301307N 0905656W
Louisiana Technical College Ascension Campus 301154N 0905157W
Lowery Elementary School 300604N 0910110W
Lowery Intermediate School 300604N 0910110W
Oak Grove Primary School 301927N 0905832W
Pecan Grove Primary School 301312N 0905426W
Prairieville Middle School 301815N 0905718W
Prairieville Primary School 301850N 0905553W
River Parishes Community College 301115N 0905138W
St. Amant High School 301431N 0905217W
St. Amant Middle School 301323N 0905134W
St. Amant Primary School 301324N 0905131W
St. Catherine School 300552N 0905915W
St. John the Evangelist School 301726N 0905737W
St. Theresa of Avila School 301427N 0905509W
Willis Country School 301232N 0905413W