Ascension Parish, Louisiana Rivers, Lakes & Streams

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Alligator Bayou 301919N 0910115W
Amite River 301753N 0903337W
Amite River Diversion Canal 301407N 0904504W
Anderson Canal 301212N 0904809W
Babin Canal 301454N 0905048W
Bayou Antoine 301111N 0904258W
Bayou Bijou 300504N 0910804W
Bayou Braud 301822N 0910122W
Bayou Conway 300848N 0904717W
Bayou Francois 301132N 0904823W
Bayou Fusil 300823N 0904243W
Bayou Lafourche 290645N 0901232W
Bayou Manchac 302044N 0905331W
Bayou Millett 301823N 0905202W
Bayou Napoleon 300317N 0905705W
Bayou Narcisse 301438N 0905259W
Bayou Pierre 301430N 0904503W
Bayou Reponds Pas 300946N 0904227W
Bayou Verret 295500N 0905148W
Bayou Vicknair 301311N 0905015W
Bayou Vicknair 301606N 0904906W
Black Bayou 301425N 0904941W
Bluff Swamp 301747N 0910020W
Boudreau Bayou 301930N 0905158W
Boyle Bayou 301153N 0905429W
Cocodrie Bayou 301807N 0904952W
Cotton Bayou 302028N 0905638W
Crowley Ditch 300733N 0905236W
Duckroost Bayou 301330N 0905121W
Flat Lake 301658N 0904910W
Grand Goudine Bayou 301418N 0905619W
Hackett Canal 301004N 0905429W
Heath Bayou 301143N 0904623W
Henderson Bayou 301916N 0905121W
Jim Bayou 301625N 0905952W
Johnson Bayou 301519N 0905957W
Lake Martin 301710N 0904952W
Lake Villars 301912N 0905108W
Laurel Ridge Canal 301523N 0904756W
Littles Lake 301525N 0904732W
McCall Bayou 300656N 0910515W
Mississippi River 290904N 0891512W
Muddy Creek 302026N 0905452W
New River 301122N 0904756W
New River Canal 301122N 0904524W
Old New River 300644N 0904322W
Panama Canal 300925N 0905300W
Petite Amite River 301031N 0904141W
Pierre Bayou 301428N 0904505W
Rocky Canal 300830N 0910509W
Roddy Bayou 301940N 0905302W
St. Amant Swamp 301942N 0905146W
Saveiro Canal 301320N 0904729W
Sides Bayou 301758N 0905355W
Smith Bayou 301359N 0905645W
Spanish Lake 301733N 0910211W
Welsh Gully 302042N 0905733W