Ascension Parish, Louisiana Communities & Places

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Aben 300629N 0905634W
Acy 301308N 0904913W
Allemania Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Babbin Landing 300954N 0910029W
Barmen 300945N 0904858W
Barrin Landing 301001N 0910033W
Barton 300511N 0910316W
Belle Helene 301011N 0905954W
Belle Helene Landing 301020N 0910010W
Belle Helene Plantation 301035N 0905947W
Belle Helene Station (historical) 301114N 0905930W
Bowden 300947N 0905936W
Brewerton Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Brignac 301612N 0905212W
Bringier Point 300653N 0905729W
Brittany 301244N 0905253W
Bruly McCall 300629N 0910523W
Bruly Plantation (historical) 300658N 0905435W
Bullion 301941N 0905950W
Burnside 300820N 0905526W
Burnside landing 300803N 0905519W
Chatham Landing 301224N 0910241W
Claiborne Island 301217N 0910251W
Clarke Plantation (historical) 300826N 0905515W
Claybank 302020N 0905147W
Cofield 300748N 0905601W
Conway Plantation 300825N 0905446W
Cornerview 301428N 0905800W
Darrow 300706N 0905907W
Donaldson Plantation 300908N 0905558W
Donaldsonville 300604N 0905934W
Donaldsonville Landing 300628N 0905908W
Duckroost 301452N 0905211W
Dugas Plantation 300546N 0905800W
Duplessis 301611N 0905618W
Dutch Town 301516N 0905919W
Eightyone Mile Point 300729N 0910040W
Ellis Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Elsie Landing 301115N 0910122W
Evan Hall Landing 300725N 0910208W
Evan Hall Plantation 300721N 0910235W
Galvez 301757N 0905417W
Galvez Town 302043N 0905335W
Geary (historical) 300643N 0910154W
Geismar 301216N 0910121W
Geismar Landing 301221N 0910150W
Gem Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Germania Landing 301143N 0910143W
Gonzales 301419N 0905512W
Gonzales Post Office 301311N 0905512W
Hermitage Landing 300644N 0905742W
Hillaryville 300809N 0905708W
Hobart 301921N 0905620W
Hohen Solms 301157N 0910238W
Hope Villa Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Houmas Plantation (historical) 300726N 0905430W
Humphries (historical) 301134N 0905954W
Junction Ridge 301257N 0904656W
Lake 301800N 0905110W
Lake Ridge 301009N 0904843W
Laurel Ridge 301512N 0904842W
Lemannville 300634N 0905513W
Little Prairie 301925N 0905520W
Louisville (historical) 301330N 0910003W
Mandesir Plantation 300639N 0905544W
Marchand 300858N 0905939W
McCall 300658N 0910236W
McElroy 300826N 0904729W
McElroy Ridge 300936N 0904659W
Miles 300822N 0910507W
Modeste 301016N 0910053W
Modeste Plantation 301029N 0910201W
Monroe Plantation 300721N 0905436W
Mount Houmas 301208N 0910040W
Mulberry Grove Plantation 301131N 0910210W
New Hope Plantation 300834N 0910203W
Noel 300752N 0910414W
Oak Grove 301905N 0905829W
Orange Grove Plantation 300804N 0905433W
Palo Alto 300531N 0910217W
Philadelphia Point 300928N 0910046W
Philadelphia Point Landing 300932N 0910017W
Pleasant Point Plantation (historical) 300656N 0905537W
Point Houmas 300729N 0905602W
Point Houmas Landing 300737N 0905636W
Point Houmas Plantation (historical) 300746N 0905600W
Prairieville 301811N 0905819W
Rearwood (historical) 301011N 0905728W
Riverton Plantation 300856N 0905652W
St. Amant 301329N 0905208W
St. Elmo 300712N 0905738W
Seles Point 301520N 0905008W
Smoke Bend 300631N 0910113W
Sorrento 301104N 0905133W
Southwood 301309N 0910257W
Stella Landing 300609N 0905746W
Summerfield 301926N 0905027W
Tureand Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Vickner Bayou Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Weber City 301346N 0905320W
White Houmas Post Office (historical) Unknown Unknown
Willow Grove Landing 300941N 0905949W
Woodstock Landing 301019N 0910008W