Ascension Parish, Louisiana Churches

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Ascension Baptist Church 301552N 0905608W
Ascension Christian Assembly 301511N 0905531W
Ascension Church 301512N 0905530W
Assembly of God Church 301623N 0905514W
Broussard Grove Baptist Church 301816N 0905652W
Broussard Grove Church 301917N 0905652W
Calvary Outreach Tabernacle 300615N 0905947W
Carpenter Chapel 301851N 0905457W
Carpenter Church 301851N 0905457W
Central Baptist Church 301629N 0905514W
Church of God 302002N 0905224W
Church of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ 300615N 0905902W
Counsel of God Ministries 300511N 0910010W
Doright Baptist Church 301110N 0905513W
Dream Center Church 300541N 0905920W
Dutchtown Baptist Church 301608N 0905925W
Ebenezer Baptist Church 300711N 0905918W
Ebenezer Pentecostal Church 301333N 0905639W
Emanuel Baptist Church 300543N 0910132W
Faith Christian Center 300547N 0905940W
Faith Tabernacle 301306N 0905327W
Faithful Church 301638N 0905213W
Fellowship Church 301653N 0905858W
First Assembly of God Church 301623N 0905514W
First Baptist Church 301324N 0905517W
First Baptist Church 300516N 0910019W
First Baptist Church of Smoke Bend 300634N 0910122W
First Emmanuel Church 301151N 0910232W
First Mount Olive Church 300755N 0910011W
First United Methodist Church 300611N 0905920W
First United Pentecostal Church 301355N 0905508W
Full Gospel Christian Assembly Church 301037N 0905355W
Galvez Baptist Church 302023N 0905348W
Galvez Pentecostal Church 301731N 0905418W
Gonzales Baptist Temple 301230N 0905415W
Gonzales United Methodist Church 301319N 0905519W
Gospel Lighthouse Church 301643N 0905517W
Greater Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church 300547N 0905927W
Holy Rosary Catholic Church 301333N 0905122W
Holy Sanctified Church 301435N 0905921W
Hopeful Baptist Church 300817N 0905709W
Hopeful Triumph Baptist Church 300808N 0905703W
Jehovahs Witnesses Church 301238N 0905721W
Jeremiah Baptist Church 300718N 0905443W
Lady of the Lake Church 301707N 0905108W
Lake Martin Baptist Church 301714N 0905110W
Little Prairie Baptist Church 301923N 0905523W
Little Zion Baptist Church 301308N 0905655W
Meadows Chapel Methodist Church 301808N 0905820W
Monterrey Goal Place Church 301525N 0905212W
Mount Bethel Baptist Church 300628N 0905635W
Mount Calvary Church 301425N 0905919W
Mount Gillion Church 301822N 0905749W
Mount Moriah Baptist Church 300623N 0905643W
Mount Pilgrim Church 301328N 0910009W
Mount Salem Baptist Church 300539N 0905926W
Mount Triumph Baptist Church 300609N 0905948W
Mount Zion Baptist Church 301952N 0905233W
Mount Zion Baptist Church 300555N 0905922W
Mount Zion Church 301946N 0905226W
Nazarene Baptist Church 300606N 0905934W
New Mount Calvary Church 300930N 0910024W
New River Church 301312N 0904958W
New River Church 301317N 0905035W
New St. John Baptist Church 301439N 0905530W
New St. Peter's Baptist Church 300705N 0905733W
Oak Grove Baptist Church 301915N 0905832W
Progress Church 301516N 0910010W
River Community Church 301931N 0910008W
Sacred Heart of Mary Spiritual Church of Christ 301359N 0905937W
St. Amant Baptist Church 301323N 0904853W
St. Ann Chapel 301044N 0905151W
St. Catherine Catholic Church 300605N 0905913W
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church 300609N 0905948W
St. Gregorys Episcopal Church 301452N 0905524W
St. James Lutheran Church 301239N 0905420W
St. John the Evangelist Church 301727N 0905836W
St. Joseph Church 300513N 0910317W
St. Landry United Methodist Church 301213N 0905714W
St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church 300627N 0905940W
St. Mark Catholic Church 301608N 0905413W
St. Mary Church 301203N 0910302W
St. Matthews Missionary Baptist Church 300624N 0905949W
St. Paul Baptist Church 301329N 0905703W
St. Paul Church 301702N 0905732W
St. Peter Baptist Church 301236N 0905241W
St. Peters Methodist Church 300613N 0905926W
St. Phillip Baptist Church 301035N 0910106W
St. Theresa of Avila Catholic Church 301426N 0905512W
Second Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church 301128N 0905126W
Second Mount Olive Baptist Church 300627N 0910030W
Seventh Day Adventist Church 301358N 0905509W
Shiloh Church 302017N 0905202W
Sorrento Baptist Church 301118N 0905123W
South Side Church of Christ 301305N 0905524W
Southside Church of Christ 301305N 0905525W
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 301242N 0905458W
Truelight Baptist Church 301756N 0905737W
Truelight Church 301756N 0905737W
Universal Church 301757N 0905722W
Word of Faith Outreach 301316N 0905612W
Word of Life Christian Center 300851N 0905615W
Word of Life Church 300524N 0905948W